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Bintelli offers the best selection of electric bicycles.

The Bintelli Journey is a classic-styled step-through electric bicycle. Its ease of use is powered by a 350w motor and seat post suspension ensures a comfortable ride. It features a rear tire rack for cargo and an LED display for cadence pedal assist. Whether you are cruising on the beach or around campus, the Bintelli Journey does not disappoint.

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From coast to coast with miles of smiles, come see what all the fuss is about.

Cool features for our Bintelli models

Bintelli Electric Bicycles are backed by a team of dedicated professionals who take tremendous pride in their hard work. Additionally, we provide our dealerships with the highest quality fully loaded rides on the market.

Bintelli Journey comes with 48V 10Ah lithium battery
48V 10Ah lithium battery
Bintelli Electric Bike Aluminum Alloy Stem
Aluminum Alloy Stem
Bintelli Electric Bike Shimano Tourney Shift
Shimano Tourney Shift
Bintelli Electric Bike Promax Aluminum Alloy with Suspension Seat
Promax, Aluminum Alloy with Suspension Seat Post
Bintelli Journey Step Through Electric Bike Velo Brown Grips
Velo Brown Grips


Top Speed

20 mph


10-15 miles

Charge Time

4-6 hours


LED display

Total Weight

51 lbs

Frame Height


Seat Height

32” min, 38” max

Total Length


Bintelli Electric Bicycles provide our riders with confidence in their vehicle

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